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Amur Moose (palmate antlers) - Species Detail

AKA: Ussuri moose, European elk Gold: 93 3/8" Gold (Bow): 0"
Endangered: Silver: 0" Silver (Bow): 0"
Bronze: 0" Bronze (Bow): 0"
Alces alces cameloides

Also called Ussuri moose. Called elk (or elch) in Asia and Europe.

DESCRIPTION The world's smallest moose, with males standing 67-77 inches at the shoulder (170-195 cm) and averaging about 450 pounds (205 kg), though sometimes as much as 700 pounds (318 kg), in weight. The chromosome number is 70, the same as in other east Asian moose and North American moose.

Compared to other moose, the body is lighter and slimmer, the legs are shorter, the head is relatively larger, and the muzzle is relatively shorter. Uniformly dark in color with the legs usually light colored. The antlers usually are small, slender and cervine in form, with branched points and no palmation, and will measure 30-40 inches (76-102 cm) in outside spread and weigh 11-13 pounds (5-6 kg) without the skull. Full-grown bulls have only 2-4 tines (rarely five) on each side. An occasional individual will exhibit rudimentary palmation, but the palmate area will seldom exceed 15-16 square inches (about 100 square cm).

According to Heptner, et al., the Amur moose has been extremely well characterized and is sharply distinguished from all other forms of moose. The moose of the Sikhote-Alin Range are said to be especially typical of this subspecies.

DISTRIBUTION The Amur-Ussuri region of far eastern Siberia (Russia), extending north to the foothills of the Stanovoy Range, and west to roughly 123°E longitude. Also in northern Heilongjiang and extreme northeastern Nei Mongol (Inner Mongolia) in China.

REMARKS Most Amur moose have cervine antlers that should be measured by Method 25 C. Those with some palmation should be measured by Method 25 P.

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