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Bearded Pig - Species Detail

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Sus barbatus

Cochino barbudo (Sp), Bartschwein (G), Sanglier à moustache (F). Barbatus is Latin for bearded.

DESCRIPTION Shoulder height about 35 inches (90 cm). Head and body length 47-63 inches (120-160 cm). Tail length 6-1/2 to 10 inches (165-254 mm). Weight 125-330 pounds (57-150 kg).

A large pig with a high, narrow body, a greatly elongated head and long, full cheek whiskers. There is a conspicuous warty growth halfway between eye and nose that is covered with stiff bristles. Coloration is variable, but is usually blackish in young animals, becoming paler in adults.

BEHAVIOR Typically found in groups of 4-5, but also in larger groups. In some parts of Borneo it periodically forms very large herds that migrate great distances in search of food, crossing rivers and mountain ranges and largely disregarding danger. No specific breeding season. The female gives birth once a year in a nest she constructs from shrubs and branches. Usually 4-8 striped young in the litter (range is 2-11), who remain with the mother for about a year. Mainly active at night, but also during the day, especially during cool weather. Fond of mud wallows. Omnivorous, feeding on roots, herbs, seeds and fallen fruit, also worms and small animals. Destructive of crops.

DISTRIBUTION & TAXONOMIC NOTES Three subspecies are recognized: oi, from the Malay Peninsula of Sumatra, the nearby Riau Islands, and Bangka Island; barbatus, from Borneo; and ahoenobarbus, from the Philippine islands of Palawan, Balabac, and the Calamian group.

STATUS Widely regarded as a pest in many areas because of its destruction of crops. Extensively hunted, especially where there are no religious taboos against pigs; however, it is still numerous throughout much of its range. Not many in zoos.

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