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Chinese Roe Deer - Species Detail

AKA: Manchurian roe deer, Duke of Bedford roe deer Gold: 49" Gold (Bow): 0"
Endangered: Silver: 0" Silver (Bow): 0"
Bronze: 0" Bronze (Bow): 0"
Capreolus pygargus bedfordi

Corzo Chino (Sp), Chinesisches Rehwild (G), Chevreuil d'Chine (F). Sometimes called Manchurian roe deer or Duke of Bedford roe deer.

DESCRIPTION (male) Shoulder height 28-32 inches (71-81 cm). Weight 55-66 pounds (25-30 kg).

A smaller roe deer. The summer coat is bright red, including the legs, with the chest yellowish. Belly and inside of hind legs are white. Ears are white inside, black or black and buff on the back. Winter coat is buff-gray to reddish-gray with a conspicuous white rump patch. Antlers are smaller than those of the Siberian roe, somewhat closer together, and less lyrate.

BEHAVIOR Usually in groups of 2-5, seldom solitary. Grazes morning and evening, taking shelter in forest during the day. Senses of smell, hearing, and vision are good. A good runner. Shy but curious. Has a characteristic "bark" when alarmed. Antlers are cast in November and December, with the new ones commencing to grow in February and hard by the last of May. The rut begins in August; after delayed implantation, twins are usually born in the spring.

HABITAT Almost anywhere there is a reasonable amount of cover. Prefers lightly wooded valleys and lower slopes of mountains, moving to higher elevations in summer.

DISTRIBUTION The northeastern and central mountainous areas of China, mainly in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, northeastern Nei Mongol (Inner Mongolia), Hubei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, southern Gansu, eastern Qinghai, and northern Sichuan. Also in Korea and the Ussuri region of Siberian Russia.

TAXONOMIC NOTES Includes: bedfordi (most of the range) and melanotis (Gansu and Sichuan), with bedfordi Thomas, 1908 having priority.

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