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Hillier Goitered Gazelle - Species Detail

AKA: Black-tailed gazelle, Mongolian goitered gazelle, Altai gazelle Gold: 33 7/8" Gold (Bow): 30 4/8"
Endangered: Silver: 32 2/8" Silver (Bow): 0"
Bronze: 30" Bronze (Bow): 0"
Hillier Goitered Gazelle
Map Legend

Gazella subgutturosa hillieriana

Gacela de bocio de Hillier (Sp), Hillier Kropf-Gazelle (G), Gazelle à goitre de Hillier (F). Also called Mongolian goitered gazelle, which would be a good name except it would be confused with the Mongolian gazelle (Procapra gutturosa), which is a very different animal with a considerably larger "goiter." Mongolians call it the black-tailed gazelle to differentiate it from the Mongolian gazelle, which they call the white-tailed gazelle.

DESCRIPTION Similar in size and appearance to the Persian goitered gazelle, but the horns (males only) are much shorter, ranging from 10-14 inches (25-36 cm). Upperparts are a pale sandy color ("pinkish-cinnamon"), darkening on the sides to form indistinct flank bands.

Its range overlaps that of the Mongolian gazelle in the eastern Gobi region, but it can be distinguished by its smaller size, different coloration, and much longer black tail, which it carries erect when running. Interestingly, its goiter-like growth is considerably smaller than that of the Mongolian gazelle. Normally the two species occupy different terrain and keep to themselves; however, they are sometimes found together.

DISTRIBUTION From the Junggar Pendi (Dzungarian Basin) in northern Xinjiang, eastward through the Gobi region of Mongolia and northern China as far as Baotou (Paotow) and the Mu Us Shamo (Ordos Desert), and southward through the Qaidam Pendi (Tsaidam Basin) in Qinghai.

TAXONOMIC NOTES Consists of the named races hillieriana (Gobi Desert), mongolica (Mongolia), reginae (Qaidam), and sairensis (Sair Mountains, Junggar), with hillieriana Heude, 1894, having priority.

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