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Mideastern Red Deer or Maral - Species Detail

AKA: Caucasian maral, Caspian red deer (noble deer) Gold: 293 7/8" Gold (Bow): 274 3/8"
Endangered: Silver: 273 5/8" Silver (Bow): 0"
Bronze: 0" Bronze (Bow): 0"
Cervus elaphus maral

Ciervo oriental, Maral (Sp), Ostlich Rothirsch, Maral (G), Cerf de l'orient, Cerf maral (F). Called maral in Iran. Sometimes called Caucasian maral, Caspian red deer or Caspian noble deer. Some authorities believe the Farsi (Iran) name maral should be restricted to this subspecies, or to red deer in general; however, the name was long ago appropriated by Russians, Mongolians and others and applied to wapiti.

DESCRIPTION (male) Shoulder height up to 4-1/2 feet (1.4 m). Weight up to 600 pounds (270 kg).

A large deer with a stouter build and narrower skull than other red deer. Summer coat is reddish-brown with dark underparts. Winter coat is a dark slate gray with black underparts and much black on shoulders and thighs. Rump patch is small and poorly outlined, with the upper part darker than the lower. Antlers are large and massive, generally less complex than those of western races, and seldom with more than eight points to a side and often only six. A two-tined terminal fork, rather than a cup or crown, is relatively common, which perhaps is evidence of a transition toward the next race to the east, which is the Bactrian or Bukharan deer. In some heads the fourth tine is very large, with the fifth tine directly behind as in a wapiti. The largest antlers have come from the Caucasus, where they tend to have wide spreads and many tines. Antlers from Turkey and Iran usually are smaller; however, the longest of record, measuring 48-3/4 inches (123.8 cm) and carrying 14 points, were obtained in Anatolia (Asian Turkey) (Rowland Ward, 1927).

DISTRIBUTION Anatolia (Asian Turkey); the Caucasus region of Russia, Georgia and Azerbaijan; northern Iran; and southwestern Turkmenistan.

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