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Przewalski Gazelle - Species Detail

AKA: Gold: 32 1/8" Gold (Bow): 0"
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Procapra przewalskii

Gacela de Przewalski (Sp), Przewalski Gazelle (G), Gazelle de Przewalski (F). Named for 19th century Russian explorer Nikolai M. Przewalski, one of the leading explorers of central Asia, who was this animal's European discoverer in about 1875.

DESCRIPTION Shoulder height about 26 inches (66 cm).

Similar to the Tibetan gazelle but slightly larger. The summer coat is deep fawn, turning to pale, finely grizzled fawn in the thick winter coat. A narrow line runs along the back to the upper surface of the tail, dividing the white rump patch. Front of legs is more or less brown. Tail is very short and hidden in the fur. As in the Tibetan gazelle, there are no facial, groin or knee glands. Foot glands are small, with a pore-like opening as in gorals and sheep. There is a gland behind the horns in males. Compared with the Tibetan gazelle, the skull is longer and wider, the braincase is considerably longer, and the horns are somewhat shorter but heavier. Horns (males only) are compressed laterally, divergent, and grow backward in an even curve with the tips hooked abruptly inward and slightly upward. Longest recorded horns (Rowland Ward, 1913) are 12-1/2 inches (31.8 cm).

BEHAVIOR "They are alert little animals, rarely give an easy shot, and are most excellent eating." (H. F. Wallace) The young are born in May.

HABITAT Subdesert steppes.

DISTRIBUTION China, from the Nan Shan mountains eastward to the Mu Us Shamo (Ordos Desert) between about 38°-41°N latitude. Shares parts of its range with the Tibetan gazelle, the Mongolian gazelle and the Hillier goitered gazelle.

TAXONOMIC NOTES The Przewalski gazelle was considered a subspecies of Tibetan gazelle until Stroganov showed (in 1949) that the two gazelles overlap in their distribution without intergrading, and therefore merit treatment as separate species.

Two subspecies have been described: przewalskii (Nan Shan to Mu Us Shamo) and diversicornis (southwestern Gansu to southern Mu Us Shamo). We do not separate them.

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