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Quebec-Labrador Caribou - Species Detail

AKA: Gold: 372 1/8" Gold (Bow): 339"
Endangered: Silver: 337 3/8" Silver (Bow): 307"
Bronze: 301" Bronze (Bow): 270"
Quebec-Labrador Caribou

Rangifer tarandus caribou

The Quebec-Labrador caribou is one of three regional caribou categories established for record-keeping by dividing the subspecies caribou into geographic groups based on antler size and shape. These categories were established by the Boone & Crockett Club and have come to be accepted by hunters everywhere. (The two other regional categories are mountain caribou and woodland caribou. All three are classified as woodland caribou [R. t. caribou] by scientists.)

DESCRIPTION A medium-sized caribou, with mature bulls averaging 350-450 pounds (158-204 kg). Antlers are frequently spectacular: although not particularly heavy, they usually have very wide spreads and long, forward-curving beams. Brow and bez tines are usually well palmated, and there is a high proportion of double shovels. Overall color is pale brown, with contrasting white neck and mane. A very handsome animal.

BEHAVIOR Highly migratory, with regional herds following historical migration routes. The huge Ungava (George River) Herd is the principal one. Other named herds include the Waco and Mealy Mountain.


DISTRIBUTION Most of Quebec and Labrador.

REMARKS During the fall migration (which coincides with the hunting season), Quebec-Labrador caribou are constantly on the move. The usual hunting technique is to travel the waterways by canoe and, when bulls are seen, to intercept them on foot. They should be intercepted rather than pursued, because they travel so rapidly that, once past, they are almost impossible to overtake on foot. Most hunts are capably outfitted and guided by local Inuits, with success nearly universal. There are a few black bears in the area, but they are seldom seen or taken. The landscape is wildly beautiful, and fishing can be excellent.

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